Sheqafrica Consulting (Pty)Ltd invites you to join their team and benefit from the reputation of its Online magazine, central library of SHEQ Documents and Professional Support from its Executive Team.

The magazine is a free service to the SHEQ professionals in South Africa, and revenue will be generated via advertising of SHEQ related Products, services and training providers.

Shareholders, holding a professional designation issued by one of the following professional associations are invited to join our team of consultants:

  • Safety practitioners – IoSM or Saiosh
  • Health practitioners – SASOM or SASOHN
  • Environmental practitioners – SACNASP or EAPASA
  • Quality Management practitioners – SAQI or SASQ

Current price: R550 per share

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A single share at current share price and become an Associate.


10 Shares at current share price and become a Consulting Partner.



Included services for each shareholder.

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You will automatically be added to the “Shareholder’s Brief”, a newsletter we send out to all shareholders every month. In the newsletter, we will keep you informed of new business developments as well as changes in SA legislation that affects our business, as well as those of the clients we serve.

Kindly note that this is not an IPO – You are investing venture capital in a start-up online magazine with the option to join one of the following companies:

  • Sheqafrica Corporate Services – Strictly for legal practitioners specialising in EHS related legislation including litigation. Previous litigation experience is not essential, but is highly recommended.
  • Sheqafrica Consulting – For Safety, Occupational Health & Medicine and other HPCSA registered professionals, Environmental management & assessment practitioners as well as Quality Assurance professionals.
  • Sheqafrica Community Services – For Consumer & public protection practitioners and non-practicing investors.

The companies above holds a 30% stake (300 shares) in the publication and all shareholders are given free advertising space on as well as

To make an investment in this start-up, select an option and click the button below.

A single share at current share price.


10 Shares at current share price.