Sheqafrica Consulting offers a range of services to suit any industry with any budget.

Our standard consulting rate is R450 per hour as determined by the scope of work to be performed and the level of engagement of our consultants. We also offer our services on Retainer at reduced rates, depending on the Service Level Agreement and duration of retention. For more information on Standard Consulting Rates for 2019, click here.

General EHS Services

The services below are provided by our Technical EHS professionals.

  • Development and implementation of Safety Management systems
  • Training – Development and Assessor services
  • Internal Compliance Auditing services
  • Contractor Health & Safety Management services
  • Incident & Accident Investigation services

Industry Specific EHS Services

The following services are provided for specific industries:

  • Hazardous materials management programmes
  • Disaster and Emergency Management and Planning
  • Fall Protection Plan development
  • Agricultural EHS for farms
  • Construction EHS Plans & Safety Files

Specialist EHS Services

The services below are provided by our team of EHS Lawyers and Law advisors:

  • Legal Registers
  • Legal Compliance Assessments
  • Legal Opinion

Occupational Medical and Health Services

The services below are provided by our team of Doctors and Occupational Health Nurses.

  • Pre-employment medical evaluations
  • Routine medical assessments & Clinical evaluations
  • Audiometry, Spirometry
  • Diving Medical assessments
  • Hazchem medical assessments
  • Ship Medical assessments